Pros And Cons Of Lowering The Drinking Age

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Is the drinking age of alcohol at age 21; too high or too low? Judging by the information I have compiled, there are a wide array of opinions on the appropriateness of the legal drinking age. Although there are a number of reasons that argue against any kind of reform, my stance on the topic is to lower the age down to 18. My first reason for this is if someone is able to serve the country and vote someone into office, they should be able to consume whatever they so desire. Going back to the famous saying “If you are old enough to die you are old enough to vote” I think that this statement pertains well to this situation. If teens are old enough to enlist and die in combat and possess that mental stamina at such a young age they should be able to be treated as an …show more content…

The frontal lobe is not developed in women till age 20… but it’s not developed till nearly 30 in men! The frontal lobe is the area of the brain employed with the hefty task of judgement and reason. On top of that men are more likely to have alcohol related issues like developing a dependency to the poison.The issue with looking at a bunch of medical jargon is you are just skimming off of the top and getting information that is not applicable to every single person. You need to weigh in genetics, past experiences, education on alcohol. Saying everyone that is under 21 are inconpetent is too narrow, like somehow turning 21 will cause this magic lightbulb to flicker on. Growing up is a gradual process these milestone ages are not a concise measure of maturity. This is like building a house it will not work until an initial sturdy foundation has been laid down. Getting this real life experience and being able to modeate ones alcohol consumption is laying down this foundation for a lifetime of healthy decison

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