Pros And Cons Of Military Families

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1) Stress military families experience that are uncommon to civilian population.
This emotional cycle of deployment begins when news of deployment released to the military family. It starts with a short period of all kind of strong emotions, such as fear and anger. As departure grows closer, a period of detachment and withdrawal may occur. This can happen to prepare for the person being physically gone. Military families often deal with a lot of stresses that are uncommon to most civilian population such as frequent relocations, extended deployment, reintegration, the absence of a parent or sometimes both, Loneliness, sadness, Fear for their service member's safety, Dealing with problems on their own, and infidelity. Military Families face a number of challenges before, during, and after deployment. Not to forget Mental
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Being in a gated community surrounded by soldier will make anyone feel safer, especially if you are married with kids. Your family will feel safer living within these specialist communities. Living with other military family will give you hope, knowing that you neighbors are going through the same problems. Other soldier, Wives, spouses and kids understand the lifestyle of a soldier and being in that community help one cope with deployment. “There is a sense of togetherness within the community that cannot be rivaled within civilian communities. Being surrounded by like-minded people fosters a greater sense of community spirit”. Military communities have more leisure facilities within a small distance. From swimming pools, to the gyms and to the movies, there is always something for everyone. living within a military community can be a great thing for some soldier. In a civilian community, it appears to be little need for community events anymore.
3) Are children of military personnel better OR not prepared for life
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