Persuasive Essay On Presidential Elections

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Have you noticed when electing a president even if they get eight years, they spend two of those years running for re-election rather than running the country? Yeah, me too.
So, starting after I step down as your beloved Dictator, all presidential terms are for six years, and only six years. You get six whole years to guide the country and then you step down, like I did, gracefully and with dignity, as befits your office.
But we 're not stopping there folks! There 's more!
We 're done with the parties controlling who will run and how much money they get to do so. Instead, here is what we are going to do:

Round One:
Presidential elections begin at the state level a year before the final vote and each state will pick its own candidate.
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The one with the most votes wins. Duh. The runner up gets the vice-presidency.
But wait, there 's more. You know those other four that didn 't make it? They have a role to play as well. If they were popular enough to beat out 45 other people, then they obviously should have a place in our government. They will make up the beginnings of the new president 's cabinet. Kept in the loop and consulted on policy.
But, they will have another role as well. Once a year after the election the American public will be given an opportunity to vote on how the president is doing with a simple up or down vote. If less than 45% of America gives the president a thumbs up, they are bumped out of office (good-bye have a nice life) and the vice-president becomes president and the third most popular candidate becomes vice-president. And this happens every year, giving the president motivation to give it their all, for all six years if they want to keep their job. Or, if for some reason the president feels he/she cannot stay in office, falls sick or dies, this gives the government a smooth transition of elected leaders as voted for by the entirety of the United

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