Pros And Cons Of The American Civil War

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A war between citizens of the same country, also known as a civil war. The United States of America (USA), had a civil war from 1861 to 1865, and it was to determine the survival of the union or independence for the Confederacy. It was fought between the Northern part of the USA versus the Southern part of the USA. At the time the president of the USA was Abraham Lincoln. The American civil war had two sides, Northern and Southern. Both sides had issues like state’s rights, economic, and territorial. The south wanted independence while the north wanted a united country (Civil War 1). The north and south both wanted equal rights but in a completely different way. When the Mexican War ended, many problems arose in the USA, because the USA had seceded territory and the land that was seceded could either be free or slave land (Kelly 1). In other words, the land could become a part of the Southern territory or the Northern territory. Something else that caused the war was slavery. While …show more content…

(The South During 1). Although the south had a lower amount of soldiers and weapons, they had some advantages as well. One being the fact that most of the civil war did take place in the Southern soil. (The South During 1). This was to their advantage because they knew the area more than Northerners. The civil war was started when the South attacked Fort Sumter (Guelzo 1). They did this because President Lincoln announced a resupply of the Southern owned fort. France and The United Kingdom were some of the South's alliances. (Guelzo 1). These two countries allowed the Confederacy to have several armed warships built in their shipyards. The civil war soon ended when Southern troops surrendered May 1865. (Zeinert 1). Although France and the United Kingdom helped the south greatly, that was not enough and they had to surrender, thus putting an end to the American Civil

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