Disadvantages Of The North And South During The Civil War

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In my essay I will be talking about the advantages that both the North and South had during the war. I will discuss the political, social, economic, and demographic advantages. The Civil War started in 1861 on April 12th. The North was ruled by Ulysses S. Grant and the South was ruled by Robert E. Lee. The North Was named the Union and the South was named the Confederates.The North had about 22 million people and the South had about 7-8 million people when the South seceded from the Union. The South obviously was outnumbered considering they had a little less than half the soldiers the North had. The North had more troops and money. Having more money means you can spend more on things to fight with in war with. More soldiers means you obviously have an advantage and they could gain the Mississippi River easier. The north got their money from industry like railroads, factories, and banks. The North's Social advantage was that they had more cities and it was more populated. A North disadvantage was that the North had to fight on unfamiliar soil, kind of like an away team in sports. (Strategies, advantages, disadvantages, for the North and South) This is a big deal because the North …show more content…

The Confederates economic was a disadvantage, they didn't have a lot of money or troops. The South didn't have a demographic advantage because their population was way smaller. The South had a better reason to fight, so they fought with a lot of motivation and heart. One of the South's disadvantages were that they had a bad government. The Confederates political advantage was war tax. War tax was a tax that went to soldiers and the Confederate side of the war to help with money and other things. Like using it for training their troops(What Is War Tax Resistance). The South's Social Disadvantage was that all the people were spread out throughout the South and they never came together like a union or as one

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