Totaltarism Was Not The Purest Form Of A Totalitarian Government

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Totaliarism is a system in which individuals govern without the support of the people tightly control over peoples lives and do not allow any opposing viewpoints. For an example Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were both the leaders of a totalitarian government during world war two. Both had complete and total control over there countries by silence any type of opposing view. Even though both individuals were leaders in Totalitarian government, it was not the purest form of a totalitarian system because both couldn’t entirely remove all the critics for the government. In the Totaltarism system the government would have three features. The government would have an imposed authority by an individual or a group that is a made up political system …show more content…

The political risk aboard could negatively affect local business. Political risk is judged by the government stability the military and religious politics as well as the corruption laws. I believe that totaltarism is not a form of political risk rather I believe it is a way to measure political risk. Because totaltarism is government in a person or political party has complete control over a government. While the political risk is companies gauging whether the government that is in place would be of benefit to them and they could do business in that country. The political risk would measure if the government would be sustained for a long period of time. Including if the government would become viol ant would maybe attempt to take over their business as well as change policy that may not be in the best interest of the …show more content…

This made them lose resources because they wasted in pursuit of other activities that were not self sustaining. Another failure to provide incentives since the government had ownership over the economic resources it reduced the people incentive for them to maximize the output from the resources. Expect in for aerospace and other science fields were they excelled at. Another issue is they did not create nay new technology, product or any new producing methods which caused little economic growth and very low standards of living. North Korea is the worlds most closed of economy which is why it is causing a lot of economic problems for the citizens and rely on aid to feed its people. The central economy also failed at achieving rapid growth because they wee not moving with the times that were going on, for an example North Korea allowed free market reforms to help with their economic troubles after the other Asia Countries Hong King, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan had economic growth. Finally, the central economy failed to satisfy the consumers needs because of the people standred of living feel far below that of a market economy. Although central planning conceived as a mean to create a more equitable system of distributing

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