Prostitution In Canada Essay

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Throughout our history there has been a widespread of debates in terms of legalizing certain activities one of the main topics that is still debated upon is known to be “the world’s oldest profession”, prostitution. Even though it is “legal” in Canada, the set of laws that were put in place created impossibility when carrying out the profession. There are so many rules and regulations attached to the legalization that it is basically still deemed as illegal. The supreme court of Canada declared the law to be unconstitutional. One of the main attributes of our society is the act of sexual intercourse. Sex is and has always been a natural part of being human. People will often go to great lengths to participate in such actions, even if that …show more content…

It affects all of us to some degree. It has become a global epidemic and in our modern society and we have learned that there are various reasons and patterns as to why individuals commit crimes. However preventing or creating awareness of the issue is usually less focused when the victims are sex trade workers. Sex trade workers are known to live what is called a “risky lifestyle”, due to their marginalization from the law they most often have to find areas below the radar to carry out their deeds. This in return makes them vulnerable to attacks and rapes on account of there being no witnesses. According to an article by Linda M. Rio, titled Psychological and Sociological Research and the Decriminalization or Legalization of Prostitution, a survey was taken and “65% of the respondent prostitutes had been seriously injured by a customer” (Rio, 1991, 8). The article then outlines that “because of their illegal status, prostitutes are unlikely to report such incidents, and clients are well aware of this fact” (Rio, 1991, 9). Therefore there are many unreported crimes regarding prostitutes. There is also the issue regarding the individual who backs the prostitutes, what we call the pimp. Due to the illegal status individuals who have chosen this way of life are more prone to abuse by their pimps, but similar to some domestic cases they will not leave mainly due to the fact that they depend on them for protection from

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