Puerto Rico: The Legacy Of The Haitian Revolution

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The Haitian Revolution of a period of time where slaves from the island of Saint Domingue revolted against their owners and citizens of the islands for freedom. The Haitian revolution was the world's only successful slave revolt. The legacy of the Haitian revolution and its contribution to the black diaspora was a symbol of slaves of liberation and motivated slaves to revolt more everywhere, and contributed to the black diaspora by influencing politicians into buying more slaves, and forcing harsher measurements on them to prevent rebellion.

The legacy of the Haitian revolution was the spread of the message of liberation and revolt for freedom to slaves. After the haitian revolution, slaves in different colonies and in the states began …show more content…

Once slaves began to hear the legacy of the Haitian Revolution, and uprisings/rebellions began to become more frequent and dangerous, Many politicians and plantation owners began to fear that their slaves could too rebel against them. As a result, on islands such as Puerto Rico, slaves were treated even worse from before to discourage fighting back. The Haitian revolution also contributed to the black diaspora because after gaining their independence, there was a huge drop in sugar on the market, so the island of Puerto Rico began to haul even more slaves to make up for the loss of the island. In the text “slave revolts in Puerto Rico”, we read how many owners “Decided to implement security measures - against enslaved masses”. This essentially means harsher punishments and treatment for the already horribly treated slaves, so the change of rebellion would decrease. We also read how the island of Puerto Rico took no chances, preventing anyone from the island of Santo Domingo from disembarking on their island. “Any man arriving from Santo Domingo was prevented from landing - did disembark - be arrested”. All of this evidence explains how the Haitian Revolution helped the spread of the black diaspora through its influence on plantation owners and

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