Puritan Values In New England Essay

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Puritan Values In New England

In the sixteen hundreds, the New England colonies had rapidly advanced. The colonies development was mainly influenced by emigrating Puritans that had come to the colonies in search for religious freedom. Not only did the Puritans find a home, they got the opportunity to alter other colonies in their perspective. Social, political, and economic ideas and values prompted by the Puritans shaped the development of the New England colonies.

The social influence of the church, community, and interaction between the Indians were obtained by the Puritan. Leaders believed that the unity of a town made them stronger so, the high population and close proximity of the colonists settled the town …show more content…

Umpteen minds encountered the idea that their governments power should be derived from power whereas some thought that electing the reverend was the best idea. Meanwhile, Nathaniel Ward was determined that “[any Colonial] state that will give liberty of conscience and conversation in their moral laws or else fiddle will out of tunes some of the strings crack” (Doc. G). Basically, the colonies who tolerated religious freedom had to give the colonist freedom to have a say so in the law such as the Compact. Although the Mayflower Compact which was not exactly an official form of government, it was the origin of democracy. John Winthrop explained democracy as a combination of the people as one, “Wee must be knit together.. As one man.. Wee must be willing to abridge ourselves.. For the supply of others” (Doc. A). In order to obtain a successful democracy, the colonists had to agree to unity and loyalty to one another though, it came with the obedience of law. These political advancements -which oddly was imitated from rituals- continued for centuries. Democracy was extended to other colonies who admired its

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