Puritans Influence On New England Essay

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The Puritans had a huge impact on New England and their way of living. Once the Puritans colonized New England, they had a huge positive influence on the political, economic, and social development of New England through their ideas. Politically, they established the form of government we have today. Economically, the Puritans helped to develop the art of shipbuilding in New England. Socially, the Puritans had certain ideals that related to the community coming together as a close family. The Puritans had a huge influence on New England politically through their government as shown in documents A, F, G,and H. Document A is from John Winthrop, as he discusses how all of the Puritans must work together in order for this colony of theirs to work, “...wee must be knit together, in this worke, as one man.” Which is taken to interpret a government run by a group of people,which is basically the sort of government …show more content…

Document B is a map that shows the terrain of a New England town; which includes farms, houses, the school, and the church. From the map, I can interpret that the Puritans helped New England to develop a sense of community within the town, based of how compact and dense the town seems. In document C, it discusses the importance of spreading the knowledge of the gospel to puritans and non-puritans. Education was important to them, because they wanted to teach their children how to read, so they could be able to read the bible. Document E discusses the importance of education after establishing their colony. Puritans valued education and this may have been the start of public education. The ministers in New England were educated at Harvard college. Document I is much like document E in the way that they both valued education. Although, document I talks about how Robert Keayne did not live a boorish life. He, as a puritan, believed in self sacrifice and

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