Puritans Living On The Mayflower Chapter Summary

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PURITANS COMING ON THE MAYFLOWER- The Puritans left England for New England by escaping in the Mayflower ship in hopes to find religious freedom through pilgrimage. Half of them were protestants that wanted to form their own church. Their separation of the Church of England in order to fulfill their desire to purify it from Catholic beliefs. The main idea this connects to is that the pilgrims were in search of religious freedom but people saw it as deviant because cultural norms were not about leaving because you didn’t like something, especially since they lived under a monarchy. ROSA PARKS- Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, AL when she remained in her seat at the front of the bus instead of moving to a seat …show more content…

The main idea is to help raise awareness of america in foreign countries and help them out. It can be seen as deviant because some people might take it that the volunteers working abroad are brainwashing the people they work with and talking against their cultural norms. CESARE BECCARIA‘S ON CRIMES AND PUNISHMENT- A book written by Cesare Beccaria arguing against torture and death penalty. The main idea was to call for reforming the criminal law system. He stated it was inhumane and unjust so he appealed for rationality in the laws. It was seen as deviant behavior by his society because it went against their cultural norm and way of life even though he was saying his opinion on the subject. PARKOUR- This is a form of bodyweight training that involves extreme movements from one obstacle to another or an obstacle to the ground. The main idea is to find a way to get from one place to another in a faster way. This also involves jumping walls, cars, gaps, etc. It is seen as deviant behavior because participants are usually seen in public places jumping around and doing flips. It is seen as not normal behavior but really is just another way to

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