Pursuing A Career In Clinical Medicine: A Personal Statement

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Having witnessed the scarcity of healthcare resource throughout my childhood, I understood the importance of taking initiative and making change. Thus I attended the most selective M.D. program of China with a clear goal—to improve the healthcare access for patients. Since the beginning of my career as a radiologist, I have been focusing on the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer. Then my commitment motivated me to step into a new challenge: initiating public health projects. Therefore, I have built a comprehensive skill set, including not only professional skills in clinical medicine, but also transferable skills—leading multi-disciplinary group, communicating effectively under personality clash, creative thinking and decision making. …show more content…

The blooming innovations and diverse challenges of pharmaceutical companies call for my skills and ambition. By joining the pharmaceutical industry, I will be able to leverage unlimited resources and create hope for global patients. Since the global pharmaceutical companies are still occupying the pinnacle of medical innovation, joining in the leadership rotational programs of them will definitely be the best choice for me. Relocating to cities with entirely different scenery, meeting brilliant people in various professionals, facing the challenges in multiple functions, the extremely attractive aspects of leadership rotational programs will help me establish a broader commercial skill set and professional network to settle down on the position of product manager. Ultimately, I hope I can lead a Chinese pharmaceutical company to expand globally with my expertise.

Before approaching my goals, I must bridge the knowledge gap with intensive education in business skills—marketing, operations and finance. Further, I need to develop an international perspective and cultivate leadership skill to face the diverse challenges in global

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