Personal Statement: A Career As A Medical Assistant

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Medical Assisting Being a wife and mother of three; I decided that I would return to school to better myself and my family. Mostly to get out and be around people and to help in my community. When researching about medical assisting the article informed me about the future jobs and pay of medical assistants. Medical assistants complete administrative and clinical tasks in the offices of physicians, podiatrist, chiropractors and other health practitioners. Medical assistant duties vary within location, specialty and size of the practice. Medical assistants often take medical histories and record vital signs among the many duties that they do perform. Confidentiality is a must for medical assistants, anything to do with the patient or patient files needs to be discussed with the other healthcare providers who are caring for the patient. In larger hospitals, medical …show more content…

Administrative medical assistants; often fill out insurance forms or code patient medical information. Clinical medical assistants; have different duties, depending on the state they work .Opthamalic medical assistants and optometrists .respectfully provide eye care. Podiatrist medical assistant; works closely with podiatrists. Wow that’s really exciting to know that we have so many options on where we can work as a medical assistant. Medical assistants held about 560,000 jobs in 2014 .Moat of these medical assistants work in physician’s offices or other healthcare facilities. More than half of all medical assistants work full time. Some work evenings or weekends to cover shifts in medical facilities that are always open. This is music to my ears ,being a stay at home

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