Personal Statement: A Career As A Dental Assistant

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If you love your job and are looking forward to the next day of work, you are someone who is dedicated. Someone who is in a bad mood isn’t going to show it when you are at work. You must love seeing different patient every day and is always putting on a smile and is always comforting.
Having the responsibility means you are always on time and always there when the dentist needs you even when it’s your day off. You are always early and on time and is not always rushing in the office and making a scene. I believe a good dental assistant is someone who wants to learn more and isn’t always checking the time to leave the office. I agree that being initiative and showing that you are there to learn more every day is a good thing. I wouldn’t want to be in a office where I have nothing to do, I prefer always being busy and working with my hands and being a good help to the dentist is the reason I go to school.
The patients have our trust to keep their personal records in the office and not outside. I would treat patient the same way I would like to be treated when I go to a clinic myself. If I am working with my coworkers with the same patient, …show more content…

Having a good trust with you patient is helpful and it makes them more comfortable. For example, in my observation in Jewish General Hospital, I saw an extraction and I learned that the patient would always give a sign to the dental assistant if ever he needed the saliva injector and she would constantly use the saliva injector because it made the patient more comfortable. Even if it was every minute, she would still give what the patient what he wanted because it shows that he trusted her and he was comfortable that way. Constantly asking if the patient is okay also shows how the dental assistant

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