Putney Mountain Research Paper

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In the foothills of the Putney Mountains located southwest of Charleston, West Virginia, is a little city, called Howardsville with a dark history. Ernest Cassidy, an elderly man lived in the two-story-house near the foothills was familiar with the myths, legends and lies, involving the city. The townspeople suspected him of being involved, but no one knew to what extent. The mysteries of Putney Mountain began years earlier when several strange and scary events happened and upset the residents of Howardsville leading to the legends, mysteries, and lies, which are still around to this day. For several years, Mr. Cassidy went outside the home only to collect cans and bottles using an old grocery cart. Many locals were reluctant to go near Putney Mountains fearing for their personal safety. Knowing whatever was up there, although unexplainable, was dangerous and life threatening. Other townspeople speculated it was the ghosts of miners. Stirring up their remembrance of these mysteries one morning, a leading member of the town never arrived at his office; his secretary called his home looking for him. After his wife found his car in the garage with the engine off, but the key in the ignition, she called the police. Even …show more content…

Cassidy became furious when the reporter spoke with excitement in his voice. “This morning, The Johnson Coal Mines announced plans to reopen the mines on Putney Mountain.” Clenching his fist in anger, Mr. Cassidy hit the wall several times, as he glanced out the window at the mountain behind his house. “As long as there is life in this body, neither the Johnson Coal Company nor anyone else will ever remove another lump of coal from that mountain. The heavy equipment will destroy the forest, killing many animals. They will discover secrets they have no business knowing. It is not going to happen! I don’t care how many new jobs they will

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