Qin Shi Huang Analysis

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Legacies of Xi Jinping and Qin Shi huang
“The reason why China suffers bitterly from endless wars is because of the existence of feudal lords and kings.” -Qin Shi Huang.
Qin Shi Huang changed China by unifying China and having the great wall of China built. Xi Jinping has a different view on the Chinese dream, and hopes to change China.
Qin Shi Huang and Xi Jinping both did great things, but Qin Shi Huang was superior because his legacy left a greater impact on China.
II. Qin was very successful when making sure his name was in the books.
He wanted to make China successful and merge everyone into a whole.
Qin had everyone learn and speak one language and use only two types of currencies. -(“Qin Shi Huang-Di”)
He unified China in 221 BC. …show more content…

Qin Shi Huang accomplished many amazing goals.
He rebuilt the defensive walls which today are known as the great wall of china. -(“Qin Shi Huang-Di”)
At the young age of 13 he “acceded the throne”. -(“Qin Shi Huang-Di”)
C. Qin Shi Huang also had abject disturbances to the people.
He was told that scholars were “criticizing the emperor”, so he had them all buried alive. -(“Qin Shi Huang-Di”)
He had all books, except the history books about Qin, burned. -(“Qin Shi Huang-Di”)
D. Overall he achieved many goals, and left a large impact on China.
III. Xi is a good leader with a different perspective.
He thinks differently of the Chinese dream. -(Webster, Schell, Zhang)
His ideas veered away from the typical Chinese dream. -(Webster, Schell, Zhang) His ideas leaned towards the economy. -(Webster, Schell, Zhang) B. Xi Jinping hopes to change China for the better.
1. He hopes for “cultural understanding”. -(Webster, Schell, Zhang)
2. Xi is optimistic about the economy. -(Webster, Schell, Zhang) C. He has hasn't always been successful.
He says he’ll set up a cyber security system, but has failed before. -(Webster, Schell, Zhang)
Jinping seeks peaceful growth but isn’t doing much to accomplish this goal. -(Webster, Schell,

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