Qualities Of An Epic Hero In The Film Wreck-It Ralph

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Author Maya Angelou once said, “I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.” The movie Wreck-It Ralph is an animation film created by Disney, mainly about the character Wreck-It Ralph who serves as a protagonist throughout the movie. He experiences different situations while exploring one of the two games (“Wreck-It Ralph” and “Sugar Rush”). In this movie, Ralph exhibits many qualities of an epic hero, such as being generous to his followers but ruthless to his enemies, meeting monsters and temptations, and excelling in skill, strength, and courage. One quality that makes Ralph an epic hero is that he is generous to his followers but ruthless to his enemies. When Ralph and Vanellope break into King Candy’s kart factory, he somewhat helps her fulfill her dream of becoming a real racer by building the kart together. However, as Ralph and Vanellope finish, they get caught by King Candy who arrives and chases them down. Ralph squirts icing at him and steers the kart away by hand, knowing that Vanellope can’t drive, and protects both from the attack (Disney, 2012). Besides the fact that Ralph helped Vanellope with getting a kart that actually works, he also defended Vanellope from King Candy. This scene shows exactly how different Ralph acts towards his acolytes and rivals,…show more content…
After Vanellope and Ralph avoid from King Candy to the Diet Cola Mountain, Ralph discovers where she lives. Since Vanellope does not know how to drive, Ralph uses his ability to smash to dig up and build a race track for her to practice (Disney, 2012). Ralph is able to break almost anything with his fists and is extremely strong. Not only is Ralph strong, but he is also very skillful. The way he utilized his power to wreck and create displays another feature. As an epic hero, Ralph knows how to apply his skills, strength, and courage to help his friends
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