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In psychological domain, 53.3% (32) of the study population’s quality of life was low and 46.7% (28) of their quality of life was high. This domain mainly focuses on their emotions and their psychological state. It has questions on whether they are able to accept their bodily appearance, their consciousness about their body image, whether they enjoy their life, the extent to which they feel their life to be meaningful. It also asks on whether they fear the future and their worries about confronting the death, positive feelings and negative feelings like depression, anxiety, and blue mood is also focused on this domain. Their religion beliefs, spirituality are also assessed through this domain. They feel that they have become a burden to the…show more content…
So regular follow ups with the doctor is necessary. The participants were asked whether they feel that they should visit the medical practioner.23.3% (14) of them responded yes, no response was given by 33.3% (20) of the population and 43.3 % (26) of the sample felt the need to visit the medical practitioner. Some people have a different attitude towards this medical illness. The attitude is that the wealth is getting wasted but health is not improving so they have the opinion that there is no requirement that they should consult the medical…show more content…
The study revealed that the quality of life is low in many people. In quality of life four domains were assessed. The four domains were physical, psychological, social and environment domain. In all the four domains the quality of life is low. Through this study it was found that people manage their illness through various measures like following a particular diet which would help them to maintain their sugar level. They involve in exercise, follow the medications, they maintain their optimal blood sugar. The people with diabetes mellitus can have a better health if they constantly involve in self-management of the illness. This can be enhanced with the required support and co-operation from the family. Better quality of life can have more longevity in the people with the

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