Quartering Act Argumentative Essay

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As a Patriot, I believe that Britain is a very cruel country that is ruining our lives. With the high taxes and the harsh laws, they are just taking our money and our ability to live our lives on our own, without any force from anyone else. I want my fellow colonists to live a life without pain and suffering. I would like them to live a free life, not a life controlled by the British. Would you like to life a life where you are forced to pay high taxes to a king who is abusing power? This is exactly what Britain is doing their taking all of our money and power. The Quartering Act says it all as for the abuse of power. Are you willing to live in a colony where this goes on in your everyday life? Are you willing to watch the Brits treat your fellow American Colonists in this manner just so you’re…show more content…
This act is preventing us from living to our full potential. Those Brits have the willingness to come to us, the American Colonists and say that we have to pay extra taxes for something that they do as well, this act is just hypocritical. Everyone deserves the same rights and it’s not fair to discriminate by who you are. The Proclamation of 1763 shows us that we don’t have equal rights as of now considering that American settlers cannot expand west of the Appalachian Mountains. Do you want a government that forces you to do stuff without getting to have a say, or a government that will listen to you and you will get a voice in it. All Patriots believe that a government should be willing to listen to all citizens. A citizen is a part of your colony and they deserve to vote on what they can and cannot do. You shouldn’t be forced to follow laws made by a bunch of people who don’t necessarily care about you, but a group of kindhearted people who care about you and are willing to listen to
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