Racism And Racial Discrimination In France

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France faces the problem of racism and racial discrimination. Although the 1958 French Constitution states “France is an indivisible, secular, democratic and social republic that assures equality in front of the law for all citizens, regardless of origins, race or religion.” nearly 40% of France’s population supports forcible repatriation of unemployed immigrants and 22% supports forcible repatriation of all immigrants.
Racism in France affected a variety of racial groups. The Jews in France were vastly affected during World War 2 in 1940, when the Jews were denied jobs and banned from certain places such as restaurants and stores. In addition to this, they were forced to wear the Star of David when in public to signify that they were Jewish. They Jews were also transported to the Auschwitz concentration camp during the Vélodrome d’Hiver raids in 1942, where they were killed.
France was also part of the African Slave Trade and in 1685, Louis XIV set up the Black Code, which was a set of rules stating that black slaves had no judicial rights and was the property of their master.
76% of those polled said that there were too many Arabs and Berbers in France while 39% said they had an "aversion" to Arabs and Berbers.
A poll held in March 1990 revealed that 76% of the voters felt there were too many Arabs and Berbers in France and 39% of them revealed that they were distasteful of Arabs and Berbers. On top of this, there have been recent reports about

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