Radio Golf Character Analysis

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In the play: Radio Golf, August Wilson introduces African American life during 1997. He presents five different characters in this play. Each of them works various jobs. Wilson explains how they find a lot of obstacles in the way of their jobs that affect their goals. One of these characters is Harmond. He is the main character who is a real estate agent and running for mayor for the city of Pittsburg. He is a helpful person who sets all his job goals for helping his community. Although Harmond has clear goals in his job, his honesty and his justice were the obstacles that stand in his way of becoming a successful mayor and successful businessman. In the light of, being a successful businessman. Harmond first goal was his real estate project to redevelop Hill District to Bedford Hills. He says in the text, “we’re going to build up everything. We finally get a supermarket in the Hill district. New apartments. The Sarah Degree Health…show more content…
He also needs to re-manage it if he becomes a mayor. He says to his wife, “I care about this city it’s almost bankrupt. It’s ill-managed. The infrastructure is falling apart. Everything’s ground down by bureaucratic bullshit. The whole goddamn city should be angry. We got a do-nothing mayor who’s beholden to the money interests. Probably can’t even name his department heads” (30). Harmond needs to be a mayor who can help his community, not like other mayors who take the money and didn’t do anything. He needs to offer long-term jobs for people so these people can invest back the wealth of their work in Pittsburg. Also, he needs to defend peoples’ rights like he mentions a story about an innocent man who got shot by the police and no one punished this officer. Instead, he is getting a raise every year. Harmond believes that No one is above the law and if he became a mayor, even the police misconduct will never be rewarded and all the people will follow the
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