Bentley's Arguments Against Legalizing Stereotypes

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The man of the people, Governor Bentley

Republican Robert Bentley, Alabama Governor, is a man of compassion and love. He is concerned about “the least of these.” His agenda to improve Alabama’s economic problems include job creation, tax breaks to help businesses grow, and improving highways to help industries move into rural areas.

A letter writer to a local newspaper accused Governor Bentley for not paying enough federal income tax. Governor Bentley paid $4,884 in federal taxes although he made $400,000 because he is a philanthropist and a generous donor for charitable organizations. He is “the man of the people.”

Another good thing about Dr. Bentley is that he is in favor of the closure of the electronic bingo casinos. Although he is against gambling, he would support letting Alabama residents vote on whether they want any gambling in the state. …show more content…

He has attempted to present gambling as the panacea to cure all Alabama’s economic problems. John Robertson, a former Alabama governor, said “gambling brings the bad people to town and brings out the bad in good people.”

Alabamians should have good reasons to oppose legalizing gambling. In the 1940s and early 1950s, Phenix City became the “wickedest city in America” and the home of a powerful crime syndicate. Albert Patterson was murdered in 1954 because he waged a race for attorney general on the promise to rid Phenix City of gambling. Phenix City became such a “Sin City” that Governor Gordon Persons had to declare martial law and to call the National Guard to clean the city.

Don’t get complacent about Tuesday’s election and vote for Dr. Bentley for governor. And don’t be one of those good people who send bad politicians to Washington by not

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