George Walnut Research Paper

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George Walnut was born March, 13, 1762 in doodletown New York. His parents names were Agatha and Pavel both were immigrants from Holland. He grew up on a farm in New York not far from New Hampshire. After his childhood George walnut joined the New Hampshire militia and fought during the revolutionary war. He fought at multiple occasions. He was promoted all the way to captain. After the war he went back to portsmouth and with the money he had he started a lumber company called walnut lumber co. He also has lumber companies in Portsmouth, Boston, and Portland Maine. He owns several ship which he uses to ship his lumber and he also rents them to other people. He is Married and has four kids. He also is also a town hall member in portsmouth. …show more content…

He owns a respectable lumber and shipping business in new england. With his business right now he is losing money. The reason for that is because when he ships his lumber or uses his ships at a different colony he has to pay a ridiculous amount of money for taxes. George Walnut is also losing money because he has to protect the ships. Since there is no navy to protect the ships he has to hire people to protect his cargo which adds on to the total cost of the cargo. He is still an anti federalist though because he is worried after reading the constitution that since he is being taxed by two people his taxes will go up and he would be still losing customers. George still wants the articles of confederation changed though so he won 't have to worry about his ship’s cargo and save some

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