Rafael Trujillo In The Dominican Republic

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Rafael Trujillo was trained by the U.S Marines which enabled him to join the Dominican National Police. He rised to power while in the Dominican National Police during United States occupation in the Dominican Republic which later on became the National Army on May of 1928. He took advantage of his position to do illegal business to make himself rich. After being named chief of the National Army his fortune began to grow even more. This enabled him to purchase land in and outside of the city. Due to Trujillo using the Army to conduct illegitimate activities for his own benefit, there was a clear difference in the Army’s budget which eventually went noticed. This led the commission to advise that the situation be fixed and that …show more content…

When Trujillo assumed presidency there was a downfall of the economy going on all over the world which also affected the Dominican Republic. It didn’t help that Santo Domingo was hit with a devastating hurricane which helped Trujillo’s image as a good president. He placed the country under martial law, imposed emergency taxes, cleared the damage, aided refugees and began to reconstruct Santo Domingo. Due to this Santo Domingo was renamed “Ciudad Trujillo”. Other places were renamed after him as well such as the highest mountain going from Pico Duarte to Pico Trujillo. Many statues were constructed in his honor as well. Although, he made it a priority to help the country’s economy, his self-centeredness and malicious ways were already coming to light. Aside from helping the economy, Trujillo made sure immediately after taking charge as president that opposing parties were eliminated. He also secured important positions for his family members. For example, his father Jose Trujillo Valdez became legislator and his brother Virgilio Trujillo was named Secretary of the Interior. The way in which Trujillo helped the economy was by cutting government costs. He cut government workers pay, stopped paying the country’s debt proposed. From 1930 to 1933 In 1933 he created a generalissimo rank which he held until the end of his presidency. His regime was so powerful that much of the politicians that were against him joined him. They adhered important positions in his government. Trujillo quickly took control over everything and the nation soon was officially under a dictatorship. To instill fear he killed people such as general Cipriano Bencosme one of the followers of Horacio Vasquez and exhibited him to the public. He then went to Bencosme’s widow to give his condolences to further show his cruelty. For fear of something happening to her children, Mrs. Bencosme accepted Trujillo’s apology. One

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