Raisin In The Sun Character

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In Lorraine Hansberry’s play,” A Raisin in the Sun” Beneatha Younger has great dreams for her future, but there are issues such as, race, education, and gender that stand in the way.
Beneatha’s dreams of finding who she really is and becoming a doctor are affected by her gender in the play. Walter says to Beneatha,“I'm interested in you. Something wrong with that? Ain’t many girls who decide…to become a Doctor” Bennie helps him finish his sentence (Hansberry 36). There were female doctors in the 1950’s but they were very unheard of at that time. Walter and Beneatha had been talking about if Bennie had made her mind up about school yet even though she tells him the same answer every day. With Walters tone when he says “to be a doctor” shows …show more content…

Not many females go to college so her decision to be educated is not supported by George. George shows this by saying,”I know you love to talk and I don’t mind it sometimes…I want you to cut it out, The moody stuff, I mean. I don’t like it” Hansberry 96). George is looking for a pretty girl to make him look good. George wants someone with less opinions and less educated. Beneatha’s education and willingness to learn makes her talk more and wanting and questioning things but that upsets George. Also in the play Beneatha’s education is not taken seriously. This is shown when Walter gives all the money Mama gave him and gives it to the liquor store and Willy takes all the money and runs. Bobo says “What's the matter with you, Walter! When a cat takes off with your money he doesn't leave you no road maps!” (Hansberry 128). This showing that Walter did not think about the possible consequences that could happen. Walter when he gave the boys the money he didn’t think about how he would change other people's lives and plans. When Beneatha finds out about this she isn't happy and it makes her realized how much money can get in the way and break families apart. Overall, Beneatha’s education throughout the play isn't valued like you see in other situations and that really shapes her as a

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