Ralph As A Leader In Lord Of The Flies

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A person capable of ending the hardships for society is often considered a leader. A leader possesses qualities necessary to determine actions and gain control of the society. Being optimistic, fair and confident are necessary traits a leader must possess to become a successful and strong leader. Ralph in Lord of the Flies possesses and demonstrates these specific qualities throughout the novel. Ralph’s powerful actions show his strong leadership role, making him a more capable leader than Jack. Ralph was elected the leader of the group because he was the oldest, which implied that he was also the wisest. Pink Monkey describes Ralph as an “innocent, mild tempered boy who enjoys being the leader”. Some might say this proves that Ralph …show more content…

This describes the relationship between Jack and Ralph. Jack wants to become a new leader because he’s done dealing with Ralph. As a result, he makes another tribe consisting of hunters. Jack lures the boys to join his tribe with three simple, yet powerful, subjects: meat, freedom, and playtime. His main strategy is manipulating minds. The fact that he recruited members shows he has good persuasion skills, but he manipulated them into joining. He exhibits strong dictator traits, and takes advantage of others. According to Sara Constantakis he began his ruling period by “issuing orders and leading hunts, showing that they will be better fed and safer for following him. As time goes on, however, he adopts a regal bearing, treating the other boys as if they are there for his amusement.” Jack can also be described as careless and a bully, although he is always merely ‘playing around’. For example, he ‘accidentally’ steps on Piggy’s glasses and cracks one of the lenses. But one of his biggest decisions was when he decided to leave the fire. This could’ve cost the team big time, but luckily Ralph was on top of that. Jack also organized a group of hunters, which impacted the society because now they have a valid source of food. The hunters had their positives and negatives. His group of hunters killed a person, and although Jack didn’t plan this murder, he created The Beast, which triggered this killing. He came up with this myth in order to gain better control of everyone. He led a charge to kill “The Beast”, but he ended up taking the life of Simon. This shows the differences between Ralph and

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