Rap Music Satire

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Music, especially pop music, is so bad nowadays. What happened to The Beatles? What happened to Queen? What happened to Pink Floyd? These kids only listen to this rap music. What even is that? It’s gangster music, that’s what it is. This music is turning our kids into thugs who smoke and do weed and say swears and treat women with disrespect because that’s what these musicians tell them to do. Rap is just music by thugs who are trying to change our kids into gangsters. I mean listen to some of the lyrics. Vince Staples, a thug gangster from Compton, raps on his “Norf Norf,” one of his so-called songs, “I ain 't never ran from nothin ' but the police/I ain 't never ran from nothin ' but the police.” He is clearly advocating for kids don’t be
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