Rape Culture In College

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According to Boswell and Spade the term “rape culture” is the ideas and values that create an environment that increases the chances for it to occur, or promotes, rape. This term derives from conflict theory, which advocates that those who are more powerful define what is considered “normal” and “deviant”, and social norms usually reflect their interests. Thus, rape culture is not meant to specify a setting, but how the atmosphere about a certain setting makes rape more or less likely to occur. For instance, in college, specifically in fraternities men control the setting; therefore, they promote a rape culture, since they don’t consider themselves or their “brothers” deviants for their actions. Instead, they have adopted a set of beliefs …show more content…

For example, in the high-risk fraternities and bar the music would be too loud and there will not be enough seating areas available. Therefore, everything becomes more sexualized, the dancing is cruder, and the only talking done is suggestive. But most importantly, due to the segregation, the men don’t really get to know the women they are trying to sleep with. Thus, liberating themselves from the guilt and from thinking they committed rape, since the women become just “faceless victims”. For instance, the text states, “The exception to this rule is when men hook up with women they admire. Men said they are less likely to press for sexual activity with someone they know and like because they want the relationship to continue and be based on respect” (Boswell, Spade 221). This exemplifies the idea that segregation of the opposite sex during events creates a rape culture. It becomes easier for men to humiliate and disrespect women. Also, since they (men) are at a more powerful advantage, and are able to easily justify it, because it is something that goes on during most parties or

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