Sexual Assault On Campus

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Statement of the Problem
Alcohol-related sexual assaults happen frequently within a college campus. Although sexual assault on campus has become a growing concern for the public, many of these sexual assaults go unreported so it is hard to know how severe of a problem it really is. Even though the majority of these sexual assaults are committed by acquaintances known to the victim many will be disciplined lightly or not at all by the university board. It is important to understand that sexual assault does not just mean rape, but also any sexual contact that involved force upon a person without that person’s consent. Based on the university’s alcohol policy on campus, I want to know if the environment created creates a setting where sexual assaults …show more content…

I will be using a multistage cluster sampling technique. Multistage cluster sampling refers to sampling where smaller and smaller units are sampled at each stage. First I will begin by separating all Pennsylvania colleges into three separate groups; one will be for colleges that strictly prohibit any alcohol on campus, the second will be for colleges that prohibit alcohol on campus with the exception of sanctioned college events (sporting events and tailgating) and the last group will be for colleges that prohibit alcohol on campus with the exception of sanctioned college events as well as students who are of legal drinking age who live on campus. Second, I will randomly select two colleges out of each group. My third stage will be to randomly select from one capstone course (required course for all students) at each college. Each capstone course will include all class standings (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors) and these students will be used to conduct the …show more content…

My research will be done using a non-experimental design by administering a survey. My independent variable is each college’s alcohol policy pertaining to students who live on campus. My dependent variable will be the amount of sexual assaults that happen while on campus. My control variables will be the participants’ gender, class level, age, relationship status, drinking history, and family sexual assault history.
I will also look at secondary data for each school sampled by analyzing their sexual assault crime statistics for the prior three years. Each school is required to provide all crime statistics due to the Clery Act. This information is strictly for background knowledge and will not be used for measuring purposes. I will not be using this information because many sexual assaults go unreported and I do not believe this data is all

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