Ray Bradbury Compare And Contrast Essay

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Edgar Allen Poe and Rey Bradbury were known for dealing with suspense in their stories. Even though their styles are similar, they lived in drastically different places and time periods. Edgar Allen Poe was discovered as an author in Baltimore Maryland, and he was born in 1809. Rey Bradbury lived most of his life in Los Angeles, and was born in the 1920’s. These two writers are well known for their specific writing genres. Poe was one of the first people to write horror and suspense stories. Bradbury was one of the first people to write about science fiction the way it is written today. Even though these two writers share a similarity, there are drastic differences in their stories.
Edgar Allen Poe specialized in the horror genre. Poe is known for dealing with various different main characters and settings, to make his stories more interesting. The main character in “The Tell Tale Heart” was the narrator. This gives a different feel to the story as the main character is telling the story from his point of view. An old, dark, creaky house is the setting of “The Tell Heart, which is important because it causes the reader to feel suspense while reading the …show more content…

He was very good at painting a realistic main character and setting in his stories . The main character in “There Will come Soft Rains” is the house. It is not often that an inanimate object is the main character of a story. A futuristic post apocalyptic setting is a good setting for this story because it gives the story a different feel from other stories. The style and theme in “There Will Come Soft Rains” is drastically different from “A Tell Tale Heart”. Bradbury also used suspense in his stories to bring on a certain air of mystery to his sci-fi drama. In “There Will Come Soft Rains”, Rey Bradbury shows the reader that technology has limitations, as the theme of this story. Both the reather are great but I like poe more because of its great

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