Reaction About Rizal

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In this modern times, how many people have not heard of Dr. Jose Rizal yet? How advanced did the world become that people forgot the custom of exposing to the new generations the story of the great Jose Rizal? How many foreigners know Rizal better than the Filipinos? I grew up in a generation where everyone knew about Jose Rizal. Ever since I was a kid, I have always heard good things about him and his legacy. That is why it is very saddening that some kids today do not know him yet. But a question was given to me. Do I really know Dr. Jose Rizal? One of the most unforgettable stories I have heard about him that I would love to share to the new generations is about his slippers. When he was still a child, he went to ride a boat. Suddenly, his slipper drifted away with the waves. So he threw away his other slipper in the water following the direction of the first slipper. At first, you might say that he threw it because he is a spoiled brat, or he had tantrums after losing the first slipper. But when he was asked why he really threw the remaining slipper, his answer amazed me. He said that it was no use to him and that someone might pick both of his slippers, and might be able to use those. Upon learning about this story, I started to admire him and to believe that he really is the national hero of the Philippines. I think it was my first time to hear that a kid could have a positive and an advanced outlook in life. I would never think of that possibility if that happened
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