Dementia Intervention Paper

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Dementia Can you imagine what your life would be like if one of your loved ones could not recall memories you once shared or have the ability to fully take care of themselves? Their mind is no longer allowing them to properly function as they should, so they become forgetful. Dementia is a chronic irreversible condition which cannot be cured that changes the life and mind of the individual affected. The purpose of this paper is to inform you about the condition, how it affects the individual, and include patient centered care interventions for the patient. Dementia and its affects “Dementia is a broad term used to describe the progressive deterioration of cognitive functioning and global impairment of intellect with no change in consciousness” …show more content…

The nurse should be aware of the patient’s medical history and know their patient well. Patient safety is very important. “Nursing management of older adults with any form of dementia always considers the safety and physical & psychosocial needs of the older adult and family” (Potter & Perry, 2012). Quality Improvement Interventions An intervention for quality improvement is to make sure the patient understands what is happening. The patient should be given time to express their thoughts. The family should be informed about the condition. Their participation is essential in making sure the patient is being taken care of. “To meet the needs of the older adult, individualize nursing care to enhance quality of life and maximize functional performance by improving condition, mood and behavior” (Potter & Perry, 2012). Information Management Interventions Since there is no cure for dementia the nurse should be mindful of the pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic interventions used to treat the condition. The interventions chosen should help maintain quality of life and ensure safety of the patient. The patient should be fully assessed to make sure interventions are …show more content…

The nurse and doctor work together to assure the proper tests are done and medications are given. The doctor and nurse works with the family members to assure they are properly fulfilling their duties; such as making sure the patient is taking medicines correctly and receiving proper nutrition. Legal and Ethical Interventions The nurse should follow the rules and regulations of the facility he/she works in. The nurse should always do an assessment of the patient to make sure no new health problems have occurred and the current ones are stable. Not only should the nurse follow the regulations of the facility but the American Nurses Association. Conclusion Dementia is the deterioration of the brain that affects cognitive thinking. Dementia causes damage to brain cells. There are different types of dementia and a variety of symptoms. A person’s quality of care can be sustained if clinical judgment, quality improvement, collaboration & teamwork, information management and legal & ethical interventions are provided. If a nurse exhibits these interventions it shows she is competent about what she is

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