Why Did The British Colonize South Africa Analysis

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Register to read the introduction…The three factors that motivated the British to colonise South Africa is to expand land, to colonial competition against other European Empires, and to take over South Africa for routes to India. These three factors motivated the British to colonise South Africa for its power. Firstly, South Africa had a lot of space for the British to grow their economy and expand their empire. By expanding their land to South Africa, they could start mining for rich minerals like diamonds, gold, iron e.t.c and grow larger armies. The next factor that made the British colonise South Africa for power is for colonial rule. Colonial rule is a competition for power in South Africa. they fought for power against other European Empires. To avoid any conflicts, the Europeans and the U.S leader gathered in Berlin during 1884. They split up Africa so each empire would get a part of Africa (“petrimoulx.pbworks.com”). The British would have to charge other European empires with taxes for trading with them in South Africa. This would give the British more power and wealth so they would be the strongest Empire in Europe (“exhibitions.nypl.org”). The final factor is that they colonised South Africa so they can create trade routes to India. India is far from Europe and it would take months to get to Europe. They would turn South Africa into a stop for the sailors coming from Europe and coming from India. They create ports so the sailors can stock up on food, supplies and water (“nationalarchives.gov.uk”). These three factors are the key components for why the British colonised South Africa for more…show more content…
There were three factors that made the British spread christianity in South Africa. The three factors are to do God’s work, to spread christianity to different religions in South Africa, and to create a profit from the christians going to the churches. These factors made the British to spread christianity to South Africa. Firstly, the British thought that by spreading christianity, they thought that they were doing God’s work. The missionaries from Great Britain goes to South Africa to start to create churches and make the locals become christian. The missionaries weren’t harming the locals or changing South Africa dramatically, they are only converting South Africa people to christians. The missionaries thought that doing God’s work would let God forgive their sins, if they wanted their sins to be forgiven they had to do God’s work which was creating churches and turning the locals into christians(“sahistory.org”). The next factor is that the British thought that it was important to spread christianity. By spreading christianity in South Africa, the old religion in South Africa would be forgotten and more Africans would follow the christian rules. (“nber.org”). Finally, the African christians going to the churches. This would create an economic growth for the church owners. Since there are more Africans that is christian, they would need churches for them to pray to God, because the missionaries went to South Africa and turned the locals to christians. The missionaries then creates churches are for the Africans that were changed to christians, if the African goes to the church weekly or daily, the income for the church would be great and the would earn a lot of wealth and money (“nber.org”). These three assaults support why this factor was important for the colonisation of South
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