Reasons For Women's Suffrage In America

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Women’s Suffrage in America The 19th Amendment was a significant point in history for people all over the world because it was put in place to give women the right to vote politically. The Amendment granted women to be politically equal as any other man would be. A good amount of women were more educated than a lot of men and they wanted the right to vote that they deserved. In the U.S. the 19th Amendment had an effect on a lot of women in a political way.
Women have always wanted the country to get better and better, and this is what they are trying to do. Women have worked hard all the way from the American Revolution to make the country better. They took care of their husbands while some wives also took the role behind the canons if their …show more content…

One of the reasons people did not want to have the 19th Amendment was because some families believed that their family was going to break apart if a women started to vote because her thoughts might not be the same as her other family was going to break apart if a women started to vote because her thoughts might not be the same as her other family members. They were scared that she might vote for the opposite side, which would lead to the end of the family (Gustafon 1). Another reason that was keeping the movement from passing was that people believed that women were less intelligent than men. If a woman can look on her family and do every job as a housewife, cleaning to taking care of kids, she is intelligent enough to vote. People also believed that women are supposed to stay at home, take care of her kids, and to not interfere in the politics matters. On the article Women’s Movement it shows what people used to think about what women’s priorities were: “A woman’s traditional role is that of wife and mother, and most women’s lives centered around their households” (Gustafon 1). Men thought they were stronger than women because this is what their older generation taught them: a boy is a lot more powerful then a girl. Girls, since they were young, were not allowed to get a higher education or to work outside. Men thought of a women as someone that they had to take care of, and someone that cannot stay by …show more content…

A lot of women worked for the right to vote, and finally congress would pass the 19th Amendment for the

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