Essay On Learning Through Hardships

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Although going through hardships may not necessarily be the most positive experience, the lessons people learn from the obstacles everyone goes through can be significantly fundamental to later success. I have been particularly fortunate in that I have not had to undergo substantial privations. One setback that will always be ingrained in my memory is a soccer game that I was playing during my freshman year of high school.
It was the beginning of the year and I was transitioning from a big-bad eighth grader, into an insecure and quiet freshman. I had been playing soccer for the past few years, so I tried out for the high school team. I got on the JV1 team, and I was ready to play hard to prove myself. It was about our third game of the season, and I had just gotten in the game. I was running down the sideline next to a girl from the opposing team. Still being right next to the girl, she got to the ball first and used her body force to knock me down to the ground. As I was in the air, falling from being pushed, I heard three loud pops come from my knee. I …show more content…

Since my injury, I have been able to realize more about myself than I had ever imagined. While it was awfully tough watching my former teammates succeed without me, I will always be thankful for having the opportunity to find new passions and interests that have helped me substantially grow into the person I am today. What I gained most from my entire experience was learning new ideas and perspectives about the world and myself. Since sports are not as huge of a priority in my life anymore, I have had time to involve myself in my academics and various clubs. I would consider myself a very passionate person about the environment, equality, and peace. Before my injury, I did not have the means to look into those important global issues, but I am now a determined person to go out and make a

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