Dancescape Dance Analysis

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Dance is a universal language in regard to its versatility in connecting with others through expression and movement, not exclusively through verbal communication. This primary element of dance was evident within the performances of Dancescape. Throughout the entirety of the program, there were many different styles of dance which encouraged different interpretations and perceptions from the elements expressed. These perceptions, as well as the symbolisms and elemental qualities of the dances, will be delved into further from a deeper analytical perspective. When considering the dances as a whole, no two were the same. Each performance portrayed a different “theme” and encouraged a multitude of different interpretations apart from the prior or future dances. While some were harder to understand than others, each one provoked certain ideas and meanings from the audience about the dance’s deeper intentions. One dance that sparked various interpretations based on the content of the dance was the fourth dance in the program, “The Fold.” This dance was particularly interesting in regard to the different elements that came together in order to get the message across to the audience. While everyone has their individual interpretations, my understanding of the dance centered around a suicidal theme. There was one …show more content…

The primary take away from the program as a whole was that interpretations of each dance was truly “in the eye of the beholder.” To some, the meaning might be one thing and to another something entirely different. In my opinion, that was the beauty of Dancescape. Each dance carried with it different interpretations depending on the audience’s individual perspective. Many elements went in to delivering a message that could inspire thought from the audience, some of which included time, space, group dancing, sound, and

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