Light Refraction Research Paper

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What is Refraction?
Refraction is the bending behavior of light when it passes through one medium to another. Especially when light travels from an optical dense medium to an optical less dense medium. The refraction of light relates to the change in the direction of which light travels which will then affect the change in the speed of light. When light changes the direction it travels, there will be a change in the wavelength; this change will then lead to the change in the speed of light. When light refracts within a medium, it changes the angle of the direction it travels which results in the change in speed. Light travels faster in less dense media (e.g Air) compared to a dense media (e.g Glass).
The Refraction of Light Waves:
The bending
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The image of an analogy of the marching soldiers on the right can assist us with these questions. The students represent the light rays (indicated by a blue ray), the masking tape represents the boundary that separates the two media; and the red ray represents the alteration of which the light travels once it passes the boundary. Light rays travel in a straight line towards the boundary, and when a light ray reaches the boundary and reaches the second medium, that light ray will change its speed. The light rays will continue to travelling until they all reach the boundary and enter the second medium. The arrows in the diagram show the direction that light travels in both media, we can also observe that the direction of the light changes at the boundary. The reason why the motion of the light will change its direction is due to the change in speed. After reaching the boundary, every light ray changes speed. The light rays approach the boundary at an angle (Perpendicular) and for this reason, light rays will pass the boundary at different times and refract. Generally, the direction that the light rays travel alters at the boundary. The change in speed of the light rays leads to a change in

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