Reflection Of Under The Same Moon

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Under the Same Moon (2007) directed by Patricia Riggen is centered around a nine-old-boy, Carlitos, who is trying to find his mother, Rosario, who is in Los Angeles, California. Rosario illegally immigrated to the United States in hopes of a better life for herself and her son. She left Carlitos with her grandmother in Mexico in hopes that he would be safer there and could eventually come over with her. However, after her grandmother dies Carlitos, who wants to escape his tyrannical aunt and uncle, finds two transporters that illegally take him across the border. After he makes it across Carlitos is separated from the transporters and is eventually helped by Enrique who takes him to Los Angeles where they search for the payphone that Rosario used to call Carlitos at 10 a.m every Sunday. After a run-in with the cops, Enrique is arrested, but Carlitos gets away and finds his mother at the payphone she described to him during one of their calls. The film is focused on Carlitos’ travel, but now that he is in a new country with little knowledge about it we should know how to teach a child with his background better English. In reality, Carlitos would know little to no English and one the best ways for him to learn English would be through the language-based theory of learning with a focus on the communicative approach and zone of proximal development. The language-based theory of learning should be what guides Carlitos’ acquisition of the English language because it would be the

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