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To begin with, I can’t avoid saying that this class has broaden my mind as far as different religions are concerned. This has created for me much interest in learning the history and origin of various religions. I have chosen to focus on the category “view of after the afterlife” since they are almost closely related. As humans, we may practice in different religions and worship different gods, but we are all troubled by the same question, “what will happen after our death and what of our earthly bodies?” After weeks of study, I expanded my knowledge on this concept. In my findings, I realized that almost all religions believe in after life, that our souls in some way remain alive. In Hinduism and Jainism, they entirely believe that moksha as the ultimate salvation, where the individual is absorbed into the ocean. This sounds like a form of cremation…show more content…
Taking an example with Buddhism, they believe in reincarnation while I believe otherwise. With Hinduism I have heard and witnessed someone’s last wish is to get in cremated and their ashes spread in a certain place of their choice. The place could have been their favorite areas before passing on. I have come to learn three things while doing my studies. First, we humans, despite our different religions, we are united by one factor in common which is after life. Secondly, the individual religions disbelieve each other such that each seems to seek the truth and righteousness in its own yet share a common thread. Lastly, I learnt that religion is part of everyday life. One has to deeply understand the whole concept. In conclusion, this study challenges me to view facts in a different way as they may have different meanings and interpretations. I have my eyes opened making me have a better clear awareness of things that are happening in the real world. Religion is all around us and is here to

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