Reflective Essay: Advanced Composition

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Ever since I was little, I struggled to write down on paper what I thought in my head. I never dreamed it would change in such a short amount of time. I’m not trying to say that my writing is anywhere near perfect, but it sure is a heck of a lot better than it used to be. Advanced Composition has helped me reach new limits in my writing and it can be easily seen by comparing the first paper in wrote in this class up to the most recent. There are numerous reasons why I made the number of errors during my writing. I quickly learned that most occurred because of not taking the proper time needed to go back and carefully proofread. It was one of the easiest things to fix, but for some odd reason I never took the time to do it until I realized how important it was when the grading became harder. I also focus on avoiding the use of words such as very, you, would have, and could have. By finding or rephrasing a sentence to avoid these words, it makes my writing stronger when being delivered to the reader. The reason I wrote about this is because it makes me realize I no longer struggle nearly as much relaying information from my head to a piece of paper. This is an important trait to be able to do going into the workforce which I …show more content…

After having points taken off various papers it made me quickly learn to insert better alternates for words. I think I have moved away from being as descriptive as I was when we started, but it also hasn’t been the main focus in most of the recent essays. If I had to write past essays again, I would try to inquire more detail and description throughout it. After looking back at the first essay I wrote and the most recent, I did notice how much more I used ethos, logos, and pathos. Besides the fact that I wasn’t too sure about what these three words were at the beginning of this class, I am able to naturally apply them more

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