Essay On My Writing Struggles

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My Writing Struggles
After taking AP English III, I became better at organizing my papers, but realizing I need to improve my grammar skills and staying focused on my supporting points. All throughout my writing career, I was always thought to be an outstanding writer, especially using vocabulary above my grade range. Naturally, I would see myself as an excellent writer as well until I took Mrs. Bingham’s AP English II course. Mrs. Bingham always gave pointers, tips, and work to improve my class’s writing skills as a whole. I would submit each assignment with high hopes and secretly expect to receive them with minor or no markings or point deductions.
While I thought I would be doing just fine, my teacher would hand back my papers with purple pen covering the paper. Of course I would ask questions and for loads of help while preparing my final copy so I also often wondered why my papers were up to par. One thing I can say is that I indeed realized that …show more content…

As in focused writer, I mean it as in most cases, less is more especially in the writing formal English world. I will get so lost in my own writing trying to give the most facts and adjectives of my point that I will almost veer away from my main point. As long as I have been writing formal essays and papers of any kind, I always say too much not knowing when enough is enough. I struggle the most with this because I want my reader to understand that I know exactly what I am writing about. I know I can only write to explain my thesis, but I also want the reader to see it from my point of view. My goal is nearly impossible to achieve because everyone has their own opinions or will at least form their own opinion from my writing. This is an obstacle I have yet to overcome, but I know that with much help from my current instructor, I will no longer struggle as a

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