Reflective Essay: My Growth As A Writer

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As my final essay I am choosing to write about how this course as helped me evolve as a writer. Having worked in a business environment for 30 plus years, I was confident I would handle this class with ease. As I worked through each assignment I soon became aware of how much I did have to learn. Feeling somewhat embarrassed by the mistakes that I have made throughout my career left me feeling somewhat inadequate in my position as office manager. I would say to myself “how could I have forgotten all of the rules that apply to writing properly”. Putting my pride aside I decided to dive in head first so that I could learn all there is to know about writing. You see, while the essays we wrote had nothing to do with the business writing, they did teach how to formulate a sentence properly and how to use proper punctuation. I would learn something valuable in each lesson.

Our first was to write a paragraph, introducing yourself. I say to myself “this is simple, I am going to wow my professor write away with my writing skills”. Well, when I received it back from my professor along with her comments, my confidence sank immediately. In the words of my professor “great work!, you have one major punctuation error” I used a comma in between two sentences instead of …show more content…

My newfound skills will also be able to help me throughout my various charity works. I write many letters requesting donations for various causes. The lessons I have learned through this course will enable me to more clear and concise. I would highly recommend taking an English Comp class to anyone who has not taken a class like this before or if it has been several years since they have taken a class like this, as it is in my situation. What I have learned in this class can and will apply to everything I do in my daily

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