Reflective Essay On Blood Pressure

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This essay will reflect on my personal experience, skills, and knowledge gained from my studies and practice of undertaking blood pressure (Bp) whilst completing my professional placement.
Bp may be defined as a force of blood against vessel walls in the body, consisting of systolic and diastolic pressure measured in millimeters of mercury. (Waugh and Grant, 2016) Systolic pressure occurs when the hearts left ventricle contracts and forces blood into the aorta causing a heightened atrial pressure, while diastolic pressure refers to complete cardiac diastole, this is when the aortic valve closes and pressure is at its lowest between beats, blood moves into smaller corresponding vessels and the heart rests. (Marieb and Hoehn, 2016)
In my clinical setting, it was expected that a level of proffesional protocol is carried out for a correct, and safe arterial reading while maintaining a hygienic and aseptic approach that is safe, and reduces the risk of detrimental harm to myself as a healthcare professional and to the patient in my care.
Bp is read from patients as a matter of determining illness by monitoring what is known as a NEWS score, presenting a validating number to recognise the level of health of an individual. (Royal College of Nursing, 2015) Hypertension, high blood pressure, or hypotension, low blood pressure, can be a sign of a decreased state of health for my patients, therefore it was imperative that a bp exam is carried out in the correct way for the

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