Reflective Essay On Nazareth College Students

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Nazareth College students pride themselves as diverse, well-rounded individuals who are ready to take on the challenges of their life’s work, and for myself, I can say no different. With my rigorous coursework, involvement with numerous extracurricular activities, and varying student teaching placements, I was able to build a better perception of who I am as a performer, teacher, and person. Nazareth’s coursework tests the individual to think critically and to broaden their viewpoints. With courses in religious studies, philosophy, mathematics, and science, to name a few, I was able to achieve this goal. What I noticed most about myself in this short timespan at Nazareth is that differences are essential to a happy world. Before coming to college, I had a terribly narrow view of the world. For most situations, it was my way or the highway. I often thought other’s opinions did not matter as much as mine, but interactions with other students in both academic and social life gradually changed this perception. Now I am able to accept new viewpoints and learn from others. As a teacher, I use this information to learn from my …show more content…

At Ivan Green Primary School in East Irondequoit, I was able to teach first and second graders in vocal general music. Teaching at this school has trained me to be a successful coordinator of classroom management skills and age appropriate language. A daily adjustment of inclusive lesson plans has also improved my critical thinking and ability to think on my toes. At Brighton High School, I was able to improve upon my secondary instrument skills. I am now not only able to play these instruments but have a further understanding of all of the unique nuances of each instrument. Programming the repertoire and rehearing with the concert ban d has also increased my comfort level in front of larger groups of

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