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In my experience, teaching content that has the deepest value was not an easy task initially. I relied mostly on what my employers expected me to teach, so most of my objectives were set in their line not mine for quite some time. Perhaps, I started to think about it more seriously, when I was doing the DELTA in Hastings, East Sussex; that is, when I decided to view teaching differently: from all my uncertainties. My DELTA tutors had asked me to choose a teaching point for a pre-intermediate group as part of one of our first assignments and, honestly, this was the first time I could actually decide what to teach. Naturally, I needed some help then from a colleague who shared his views on how to select content within a given topic. His answer was simple: ‘choose content that is relevant and significant to the students. What would you use in everyday life?’ It was a hard earned lesson. Phrasal verbs were not my favourite language items and a point I had seldom taught before; what’s more, it was…show more content…
Challenging and odd at first, this layered teaching became quite rewarding to us all in the end. The more I focused on the students as whole people whose diverse socio-cultural and academic backgrounds shaped my lessons, the more creative I grew and learnt to honour this virtuous circle as best as I could. Looking back on it all, I realise that my experience teaching EFL has been as much of a quest for truthful professionalism as a quest for my own identity and worth. Armed with the basic teaching knowledge borrowed from Harmer’s ELT Practice as the backbone to my prevailing low self-esteem, I left my training college with more questions than answers. Yet, my only certainty was my greedy urge to do things well and finally master ‘the art of teaching’ Dewey wrote about. That has always been my north, which surprisingly Ackerman summarises so beautifully in his

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