Relational Database Essay

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Relational Database:
Databases are generally used to store some data in an organized manner. Hierarchical and Network model are highly used in earlier days. But nowadays relational model is used in order to connect two files which contain common fields. One of the most effective ways of storing data is by using relational database. Edgar codd is a father of relational database, who is an oxford trained mathematician working for IBM in a San Jose laboratory. Basically relational database is an application of mathematical concepts. Relational database management system can be introduced to store information and retrieving those information for maintaining financial records, personal information and some other applications.
In 1960, amount of data are stored in
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30th April(2003). Relational Database: Defining Relationship between Database Tables.

2. Ad hoc reports: The term “Ad hoc queries” indicates that gathering data out of the database that should be more helpful for people who are using railway services. Based on the given business scenario, Westie Train Services of Auckland contains staff members such as drivers, conductors etc. Staffs need to maintain some records about train services. These data can be useful for passengers, railway department, Auckland city council or Central government to deal with the business. Herewith four types of records are explained below.
2.1 Reports on passenger details: Staffs needs to maintain the reports on passenger details. This report helps to check availability, personal details of a passenger that can be used for future use by railway service department or government. Passenger detail includes Passenger number, Passenger name, Contact number, Date of birth. Every passenger has a unique number with name as separate attribute. In addition to that every passenger’s contact number and date of birth will be recorded.
P_Number P_Name ContactNumber DOB
2001 John 0234567
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