Modern Supply Chain Concept

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1.0 Introduction Supply chain concept has undergone a process of development. The early view is that the supply chain is an internal process in manufacturing companies, and it refers to a process, which is the procurement of raw materials through the production and marketing process delivered to business users. The concept of traditional supply chain is limited to the company's internal operations, it focusing on corporate self-interest goals. With the further development of the business, the scope of the supply chain expand to the contact with other companies as well as the external environment of the supply chain. It became the broader and more systematic concept. The concept of modern supply chain more attention network relationships…show more content…
I will give my view through using examples and references to support my answer. 1.2 Structure of this essay According to the main theme to be discussed by the article, we need to better understand the meaning of the supply chain and supply chain management. This essay includes detailed discusses on three main aspects of the supply chain management. In the first place, introduction supply chain and supply chain management. Secondly, discusses why supply chain management is important for manufactures. The last thing on the list is do a conclusion. 2.0…show more content…
Therefore, they had to put the global automotive market ceded car manufacturers in Germany and Japan who focus on supplier relationships. Nintendo because of management failures make themselves tasted bitter. Various cases reveal all the importance of supply chain management. Harvard Business Forum has proposed that when the market stopped growing or even shrink, not so much for making its sales revenue growth of 10% as for the supply chain costs by 10 %. Efficient supply chain management can help manufacturing companies have the foresight to reduce costs. For manufacturing firms, supply chain management affects the quality of corporate revenue and profits. Effective management of all aspects of the supply chain not only for enterprises to increase revenue, that also can reduce the total cost and improve product margins. Supply chain management of the value of manufacturing enterprises in three aspects to eliminate waste, improve efficiency and optimize the quality of service. Post-industrial economy, businesses compete in terms of reducing the cost of production is already quite mature, in production to further tap the " profit growth," the space is very limited, in this case, we should have a manufacturing enterprise supply chain management strategic vision, enhance the level of supply chain management, the only way to build lasting competitive advantage, so even in the face of

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