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INTRODUCING BOSE CORPORATION • Bose corporation is a producer of audio premium speaker used in automobiles, commercial broadcasting and individual consumers. • It headquarters is in Framingham, Massachusetts and plants in Michigan, Canada, Mexico and Ireland • Bose corporation has suppliers both locally and across the shore. Foreign materials account for 20% of materials used and rest internally within the state of Michigan. • Bose high-end customers are Delco, Honda and Nissan with the delivery rate of 100% • Bose corporation developed a detailed supplier performance system that ensure on -time delivery, high quality, technical improvement and supplier feedback. • Bose uses sophisticated transportation …show more content…

The strategy should include expediting shipment to meet upside demand. On quality, Bose corporation should be designed to deliver high quality products to customers. This can be done by adopting collaborative planning, replenishment and forecasting, JIT and Lean system. Bose also needs get suppliers that can quickly adapt to their innovative capability. As stated in the case “because foreign sourcing does not support just-in-time deliveries, Bose “had to find a way to blend low inventory with buying from distant sources”, Suppliers should be able blend into technological innovation of Bose and be able to respond to Bose’s needs in a timely manner to bring new products to market as quickly as possible. If not, it could have a devastating effect on sourcing of materials, inventory management and customer service which are core competencies of Bose. Question 2. What should be the relationship between Bose’s supply management strategy and the development of its performance measurement …show more content…

Quality product is critical to just-in-time (JIT) purchasing system. Poor product quality from a supplier can disrupt the entire supply chain and result in expensive production. If Bose corporation receives a poor-quality that they need to send back to the supplier, entire Bose’s production processes disrupted. Such occurrences can shut down production line in some cases. Since Bose uses JIT system which minimizes inventory. This will have negative multiplier effect downstream supply chain. The implication of this is that, there will be a delay in Bose’s deliveries to its customers resulting in possible loss of customers and profit. To prevent this, Bose must have a strategic alliance with supplier. That ensures quality delivery of

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