Brevard Beautiful Case Study Solution

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It is very clear that Sea Turtle Preservation Society and Keep Brevard Beautiful are struggling to keep up with trash in the county. In 2013, the 914 volunteer hours recorded totaled up to be only $19, 194. (6.3 Beach Cleanup) Along with Keep Brevard Beautiful $450,000 and $583,000 from volunteers, there is only $1,033,000 to clean up 72 miles of beaches in Brevard. (Space Coast Beaches) These organizations have to pay for employees, gas for vehicles, trash bags, sunscreen, and also pay for maintaining their equipment for pepper busting besides just cleaning up beaches. 380,160 feet of beach is a huge barrier to overcome when the others factors of paying for other necessities are added into the equation. After everything is paid for, there is only about half a million dollars to cover 380,160 feet. Granted a lot of beach is reserved due to the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Canaveral National Seashore, so 40.6 miles is left of beaches along the coast of the Atlantic. (Google Maps) This doesn’t account for the Indian and the Banana River beaches. If there only 2 cans for every 1,000 feet of the 214,368 of Atlantic shoreline, this states that there are only about 4,288 cans all along the coast of the …show more content…

The remedy for this poison slowly deteriorating Brevard is for Brevard Commissioners to enforce regulations for trash on beaches through law enforcement. They also need to add $100,000 dollars to Keep Brevard Beautiful as well as the Sea Turtle Preservation Society to solve the negative influences trash has on Brevard including trash. These two simple resolutions would go hand in hand with each other for cleaning and preventing the issues unnecessary garbage has on too many parts of Brevard’s beaches. These two feasible intentions would reap awesome benefits for everyone and everything on the Beach and

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