Religious Beliefs Of The Puritans

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History tells us that the Puritans were different than the Pilgrims because they wanted to continue to exist with the Church of England but make it better in the New World. (Settling
2014) The Puritans must have felt some type of loyalty to their native religion because they didn’t put their religion totally aside. It is noted that the Puritans did not want the rituals and other beliefs that involved being a member of their native Church of England. (Settling 2014)
The Puritans must have favored some aspects of their native religion. Entering into a new world would not give them any interferences to reform their religion as they saw fit.

The Puritans used religion to be very judgmental toward their community of settlers. They did not let people in their communities practice religion in their own way. They were very adamant and the church influence on the community was over religion. The Puritans soon became the judge, jury and executor of punishment for citizens. People did not have the freedom to practice their religious beliefs as they chose and this led to a dictatorship environment where people were afraid if they did not abide by church regulations. There was punishment that could be enacted upon the community for not totally honoring the church.

The Puritans’ life involved a domineering religion which included every family member attending church. They lived off the land and had primitive ways of surviving and raising their

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